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Why discover the world with us

Responsible travel

We believe in responsible travel, we always give back to communities we visit

Its always a changing experience wherever we go.

Changing experience

50 % of our travelers are returning customers

Returning customers


We take adventures very seriously!

Choose the theme that suits your personality!

How do you want to explore the world


Mountains & Peaks

If you enjoy high altitude, long walks with nothing but the sounds of nature, and summit celebrations,

this is just for you!

Cultural Adventure

Although you will be seeing a bit of culture in all our journeys, these trips will make you feel like you’ve been living with the local for years


More of Ibn Battuta style, the itinerary is not very fixed, and there is always a room for last minute surprises.

Multi Adventures

You might get a chance to catch your breath. But not for very long until we hop on to our next adventures or activity! It usually involves a lot of beautiful scenarios and long road trips

HEAR FROM OUR Adventurers

I decided to join the journey adventures again in less than 10 days to fulfill my dream and enjoy another magical journey in Norway with an amazing experiences such as skydiving over voss , camping at the top Trolltunga ,hiking mountains and swimming in waterfalls. 

Haya Alhozab

The journey in numbers

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