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Loyalty program - Terms & conditions

1. Membership

1.1.    Introduction

The Journey Miles loyalty program is free to join. Any individual over 17 years old can become a member via our website and after completing the membership application and submitting the form. Details of the person must be submitted accurately and truthfully and upon request proof must be provided to the operators. The registered account holder has the right to edit or change the personal information in the account.

1.2.    Eligibility 

Any individual is eligible to be a member in the loyalty program. Should any of the following events occur, we reserve the right to terminate the membership and revoke the accrued miles:

  • Failure to comply with these terms and conditions

  • Supplying false or misleading information to us or our partners.

  • Abuse of any membership privileges.

  • If you don’t use, collect or spend Air Miles for a period of twenty four months.

Death or bankruptcy of the primary cardholder

1.3.    Entitlement 

There is no legal entitlement to membership unless that individual will be travelling with The Journey Adventures. The operators may refuse admission to participate in The Journey Miles for any of the above given reasons.

1.1.    Membership Status

The Journey Miles issue a number of different kinds of cards which identify the member’s miles status. The respective status is generally governed by the number of points earned within a specified period. After that specified period has elapsed, the counting of the miles starts again. Depending on the tier of membership, different requirement may apply in order to obtain a status. Different Benefits are associated with each status.  The nature, extent and duration of these benefits are published in The Journey Adventures communication channels and can be viewed there.

2. Miles

2.1.    General

The basis of the calculation for The Journey Miles program is the number of travel days that the individual has travelled with The Journey Adventures and has been credited to the account. The miles can only be used for the purpose expressly specified in the Terms & Conditions and any additional program documents or what is based on the communication channel of the program.

2.2.    Earning Miles 

It is possible to earn miles as soon as the member commences travelling with The Journey Adventures. Miles can only be credited to the member’s individual mileage account for services the member has used personally. The person who receives the bill is irrelevant in this case.

2.3.    Account Balance

Members can check the current balance in their mileage account via their personal online account by entering card number and PIN. In addition, members who actively use The Journey Miles system to a specified extent will receive regular information on their current account balance, providing the member has registered to receive The Journey Miles online newsletters. Newsletters may not be sent if Miles & More generally provides access to the account summaries solely in the online mileage account. Duplicate or replacement account statements cannot be provided.

2.4.    Transferability of miles and trading miles

 The Journey Miles are not transferable to third parties. The sale, exchange, offering for auction or any other transfer of miles to a third party is prohibited. Negotiating for the purchase or sale of miles, the purchase of miles from members or a third party, and the unauthorized use of miles are also prohibited. Any provisions to the contrary will be explicitly published in The Journey Miles communication channels.

2.5.    Availability and special conditions of usage

The benefits of the membership are fixed but may vary based on date, destination or season. If the member has been granted an award or prize of any sort, it cannot be combined with certain discounted services.

3. Loyalty Program Usage

3.1.    Improper Use

If a member is acting abusively within the meaning of these Terms and conditions and/or the Terms and Conditions of the trip, The Journey Adventures reserve the right to terminate or withdraw the miles, refuse to issue the miles or accept any redemption using the benefits allocated within each membership tier.

3.2.    Expiry of award miles

If miles are not redeemed within 24 months after the last mile, they expire, unless a longer deadline is announced through The Journey Miles communication channels.

The date and amount of the expired miles will be indicated separately in The Journey Miles account information or in the member’s individual online mileage account at least one quarter before the expiry date concerned.

3.3.    Taxes, surcharges and service charges

All additional costs such as taxes, fees, surcharges that are not included within the original trip package must be borne by the member and will be billed separately.

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