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Our Values

We believe that traveling is more than booking a ticket or visiting the main top attractions around the world, we travel to connect, get inspired, and change our perspective and stereotypes about different cultures and tribes. That’s why we value travel, passion, and giving!


We transmit our passion for travel and adventure through every aspect of our trips and products. For us, it is do it with passion or not at all.


We make sure that we have our own purpose for choosing any destination and let the traveler set his or her own spoken - and unspoken - goals behind traveling on this trip.


Put that together with the lessons, out of comfort zone activities and the impact you will get and give to the communities visited, the traveler will need no other reason to want to see the world, with passion.

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We believe that travel will give you a lot, but there is always room for you to give back!


In the journey adventures, we explore what we can give on our travels to the communities we visit, and what we can give to our own communities once we are back. Although a very simple term, with traveling, giving back can be used in so many ways! 


What would you bring with you to the family you are staying with at your homestay experience? What are the stories that you will be sharing, and the stories that you will bring back with you? How will you benefit the community when you visit them?


Interacting with the locals during our journeys gives us a sense of how we might be able to give back to the community. With these interactions, we understand their way of life, and what is most needed and not accessible in their communities, and we try to reach out to local organizations to help.


You also have to make sure that you give back a little piece of yourself in a way. Each person comes with their own background, many life experiences, and personality that adds value to the journey and anyone they meet. 


Creativity and travel always come hand in hand. We make sure that we add that unique ingredient during our journey along with an unexpected surprise element.


Our goal is to ultimately inspire you to bring that creative side of every traveler. Getting a broader perspective on cultures and their way of living will always add value to you and will change the way you view your surroundings.

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