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Project Officer


We are looking for an individual to join our team that has an aptitude for logistics when it comes to travelling, knows a bit about marketing and communication, likes to work on timed small projects with big impacts, and is ready to enter and learn about new ways of travelling.


We will be working with many clients and groups at the same time in creating private consultation packages for individuals as well as group proposals for corporate clients. 

Successful candidates should be passionate about change and trying new experiences. A plus would be some history in travel planning. 

Main responsabilities

Ability to reach out to new clients, individuals, or groups, and create customizable travel packages

Actively finalize all travel experiences from the booking process of logistics, accommodation, and programs to gathering feedback from clients to continuously enhance the overall communication experience. 

Work closely with the Marketing Officer on projects related to enhancing customer relations and retention. 

Work with Programs Director on finalizing the administration process in projects related to corporate clients 

Create travel proposals for corporate clients and initiate lead meetings in new markets. 

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree.

Microsoft Office & More.

High organizational skills and good problem-solving techniques.


Creative & Innovative.

Team player and excellent communication skills.

 Preferably has some logistics background

Preferably has some marketing background


Please send the below to

A copy of your CV


Prepare a cover letter stating why you would like to join, what can you offer to The Journey, what you expect from the role, and tips on your travelling history would be a plus! 

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