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Travel Operational Manager 


Our expanding company is seeking to hire a manager to join our team to implement and develop the operations of our main business lines of travel ranging from leisure to academic to experience based trips around the world.

You will be assisting our sales and marketing department with creating turnkey solution and programs that will explore new business lines catering to the dynamic market needs.

You will research, plan, and look for unique programs and accommodations to deliver a meaningful experience. Successful candidates will have a bachelor's degree and have exposure to management or leadership position. A deep understanding of financial management is also a plus.

Main responsabilities

Work with the management to plan and implement short and long-term goals and strategies.

Build alliances and partnerships with different entities around the Gulf.

Provide turnkey solutions for dynamic travel needs that cater to different sectors of the market.

Create and implement roadshows to market The Journey Adventures and increase reach and awareness in the area.

Knows his way around numbers (accounting, budgeting, and cash flow)

Actively finalize all travel experiences from providing packages to the booking process to gathering feedback from clients to continuously enhance overall experiences for clients.

Ready to be a guide and able to travel and discover new countries and cultures – in person or virtually!

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s degree.

Minimum 3 years of work experience in either operation, marketing, or project management.

Understanding of general finance and budgeting and cash-flow management.

Ability to build consensus and relationships among partners and clients.

Excellent communication skills in both Arabic and English


Please send the below to

A copy of your CV


Prepare a cover letter stating why you would like to join, what can you offer to The Journey, what you expect from the role and tips on your travelling history would be a plus! 

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