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Why Travel With Us?

It’s not what the Journey Adventures offers, it’s how!

Yes, we do have unique experiences and amazing adventures that will leave a lasting impact on any traveler that comes to our trips, but that’s not all.

Responsible travel, a value that we base all our traveling choices on, along with our customer and partner loyalty for the organization and what it represents are some of the best features that differentiate The Journey Adventures from any other.

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Responsible Travel

Traveling responsibly is all about being socially and culturally aware of the choices you make and understanding your impact on the places you visit, making sure it is a positive one!  


What type of choices will make you a responsible traveler?  From choosing where your next dinner venue will be, which operator will be arranging your activities, and how your money will be spent are amongst many other things that you need to consider. For The Journey Adventures, it’s all about dealing with local guides, understanding the culture, buying products from local businesses, respecting culture and environment, and leaving the place the way you found it for more travelers to enjoy. 


All of these choices will have an impact on the communities we are visiting, and the ultimate goal is to travel in a way that will make you aware that each choice you make will affect your journey.

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Whether it is from the team of expert guides that are the heart of this company, or the returning customers, or the partners that now consider themselves a part of this team, The Journey Adventures has some devoted supporters that always push us to excel in any experience we offer.

Our guides are passionate about their trips and will make sure that each traveler’s experience always comes first. They tend to offer not just their knowledge and expertise, but part of their personality which make up part of the experience in The Journey.

The loyalty of our customers is something we vouch for. 50% of our clientele have chosen to travel with us again after experiencing their first journey and eagerly wait for our annual calendars!

Our partners have also adopted the approach and values we partake in when traveling, giving us more reason to be aware our all our choices in all the experiences we offer.

The journey in numbers

Each of these numbers represents a place, person, or future that we were able to touch with our travelers, whether its an internal aspect, or tangible

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